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If you are experiencing issues with bed bug infestation and would like further information please click on the picture below for information on bed bugs.

Handy Hero Tip #4) Sinks

If your bathroom sink is draining slow do the following first before calling a plumber:

  1. Pull the plunger (drain stop) out first to remove any debris

  2. Remove the P-Trap to see if something is obstructing the flow

  3. Reconnect the P-Trap and drain plunger

  4. If there is no debris in the drain where visible than the clog is likely further in the line, then call someone to have the drain snaked out to remove debris.

We always recommend shopping around; often places will try to sell you more than you need.

Helpful Tips

Handy Hero Tip #2)

Considering replacing your toilet?Sometimes the most expensive toilet is not always the best route. Take into account these three things:

  1. Is it for private use or guest and general use?

  2. Will the toilet be used for the disabled?

  3. Accessibility

Handy Hero Tip #3)

To conserve water and maximize the potential of your yard, always set your timer to come on at night around 12a.m. to 3a.m. allowing the water to be absorbed.

Handy Hero Tip #5) Electrical

Before replacing any outlet in your house always ensure the breaker is turned off for that area. Pick up a small outlet tester at your local hardware store and make sure you are safe before completing the work.  

Handy Hero Tip #6) Door Locks

If your door locks and handles on your front door are not functioning properly, pull them about halfway apart to allow a small gap between the door and the handle.

Now take a can of spray lube and gently spray the internal components as well as the inner door handle. Once you have done this, make sure not to over tighten the setscrews as this can cause the door handle not to function properly. 

Handy Hero Tip #7) Shelves

When putting up shelves for any use consider the following:

1. How much weight is going on the shelf.
 This is important to the type of anchors used and if a wall stud is needed (use a stud finder to locate suds)
2. How high from the ground i the shelf.
  To low of a placement often results in unsafe conditions i.e. walking into them or hitting your head. Also consider how high you have to reach to get to the items you are placing on the shelf.
Handy Hero Tip #8) Garbage Disposals
When reaching into the garbage disposal to retrieve an item, remember to not only turn the switch off but unplug the disposal. A switch can fail from time to time so, Be careful and use caution when working with a garbage disposal.

Handy Hero Tip #9) Toilet Water Running Off and On or Constant.

1. Check the stopper first to insure that it is seating properly. The chain might be hung up on the side of the stopper.
2. The chain may be to short and allowing water to pass.
3. The stopper has warped and no-longer seals and requires a new tank to bowl kit.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are common in Arizona and often go unnoticed by the home owner. There are some things you can do to help protect your home from subterranean termites.
What to look for!

Conditions Conducive

  1. Conditions conducive are areas that subterranean termites are likely to enter your home and feed.

  2. Make sure to keep plants, trees and shrubs at least 12" away from you home.

  3. When selecting how often to water your plants keep in mind not to over water the plants close to your house, this provides needed moisture for subterranean termites to thrive.

  4. Do not store wood or debris of a cellulose nature within 100 feet as this provides a food source. 

​Handy Hero Tip #1)

When applying wood stain for the first time it is best to use gloves and a smooth cotton cloth. The cloth will not show brush strokes. Please always remember to properly dispose of oily rags to prevent fire hazards.

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