ROC #289835

           Service Plan

  • Change Air Filters up to 2 basic air filters
  • Check all Angle Stops to insure they shut off
  • Check all Faucets for leaks & damages
  • Check all Popup kits in sinks for functionality
  • Check all tub drains and valve for proper functionality (not dripping or leaking)
  • Check Direct water shut off on the house exterior including all hose bibs
  • Vacuum Dryer vent lower only (No roof vents)
  • Test Garbage Disposal
  • Test Garage Door Opener
  • Opens and closes properly​
  • Check All Direct GFCI Outlets to see if they trip.
  • Check all interior lighting is functional at switch
  • Check all visible outlet and switch plate covers for damage​

    *In addition to this plan
     Up to 2 Basic A/C Filters
     1.5 Hours of Labor Per Quarter Parts not            included.

Why choose a preventive maintenance plan? Many things can be prevented from happening to your home just by checking them regularly and catching small issues before they become big ones!. If your a home owner then you know that anything can happen when you least expected such as a faulty shut off valve under a sink that leaks and damages your cabinets or breaks open and causes further damage. One often neglected and sleeping issue is your water heater. Home owners leave and go out of town even for the day to come home to a water heater that has sprung a leak. While not everything can be prevented from happening,  you can extend the life your water heater just by checking the age of your water heater to see if it is time to replace the unit or if there is corrosion on the heating elements, valves or base of the unit even flushing your water heater can help.

Preventive Maintenance Program 

           Service Plan

  • Flush One Hot Water Heater
  • Check all Smoke Detectors & Change out all Batteries up to 6
  • Balance fans as needed up to 6’ ladder reach (no vaulted ceiling fans)
  • Re-caulk around up to 3 tubs or showers/combos
  • Check Washer box valves for leaks
  • Check washer hoses integrity
  • Check the House direct water and main shut off at street to insure it shuts off.
  • Plus, all the services listed in the Quarterly & Semi Annual Plan.

      *In addition to this plan
       Up to 2 Basic A/C Filters
       3.0 Hours of Labor Per Quarter parts        not included.

       Up to 6 new batteries for smoke                detectors annually

          Semi Annual
          Service Plan

  • Change customer provided R/O and Fridge filters (where applicable)
  • Check all toilet tank and bowl kits for proper functionality & visible leaks & adjust. No parts included
  • Check all Exterior door locks and handles for proper functionality oil if needed
  • Check all Exterior doors weather stripping for damages
  • Lube all Exterior door hinges
  • Plus, all services listed in the Quarterly Plan!

      *In addition to this plan
       Up to 2 Basic A/C Filters
       2.0 Hours of Labor Per Quarter parts        not included.